Fanny Salvat & Mélanie Trindade in a new Reality Show: The Battle of Couples 2.

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                                                    [PHOTO CREDITS: INSTAGRAM @fannysalvaoff]

After the success of the first season on TFX (French channel), “THE BATTLE OF COUPLES” is back on Monday, August 26 on TFX.

The Battle of Couples is back for a second edition with 10 new famous reality TV couples including FANNY & NANI! The show will follow them doing challenges, use their strength, speed and their love. All 20 candidates know each other but do not all like each other. From the first minutes, tensions are felt and for some, the reunion is explosive! They will have to show efforts to be the best and secure their place in the adventure! 

Will Fanny and Nani win the competition?
In this adventure, they will work on themselves on so many levels and test their couple. Between fierce competition, strategies, love and betrayal, which couple will triumph and be crowned best couple of the year 2019? Whether they have been together for a long time or for years, they are all convinced that their feelings are strong and their love stronger than anything! They all have the same goal: to become the couple of the year and win up to 60,000 euros.

Let’s see who wins the competition, we stand with Fanny & Nani‘s team: THE WHITE TEAM!


Fanny and Nani were out of the game from Episode 14 and returned on Episode 21.