“THE BATTLE OF COUPLES” Episode 9 & 10

A big party starts at the villa. They all dance and have fun. Nani and Wafa grab Fanny an send her in the swimming pool!

Nani sends Virgil too. Antho dresses up as a woman and starts singing Celine Dion’s songs.

In the interview room:
Fanny- Antho is a mix of Sebastien Chabal and Mylene Farmer morphing into Celine Dion.
Nani- What a mix!
Fanny– It’s a little weird but it’s really funny!

The next day, Nani says she thinks others contestants made a pact against them.

Nani- They think we’re dumb.

Fanny– We know that at the very least they’re gonna protect each other.

All couples have a new challenge: they are given quotes and they have to find out if quotes are from Booba or from Victor Hugo.

Fanny starts singing and Nani cracks up!

Maxime and Alizee win, Fanny and Nani are in second place with 29.000 euros.

At the Table of Power, Wafa, Oliver, Olivia and Alex all voted for Fanny and Nani to be the third couple up for nomination.

Fanny and Nani are really upset.

After announcing that Fanny and Nani were nominated, Wafa says it was a joke and they just wanted to piss them off and have a good laugh! Fanny and Nani are relieved!

It’s time for all contestants to vote against the couple they wanna see leave. 

Fanny– What do we do? 

NaniOussama and Ines are players, we should trick them.