In their room, Chloe receives a text message from Lucie. It says she and Virgil have a coaching session with Lucie.
Fanny asks “Do you think it has something to do with yesterday?”

In the interview room:
Fanny– It’s a great opportunity for them to have a coaching session because I find their relationship not as strong as it seems. I think that if Lucie can help them it will only do good.

A new challenge starts on the beach. As usual, Fanny and Nani are doing good. They are in top 3.

Olivia and Alex win, followed by Antho and Emma.
Fanny and Nani are still in third place.

But the ball falls many times and other couples do better. Fanny and Nani get angry and stress out.

Nani– Calm down! Calm down!
Fanny– Ok let’s calm down because I’m getting frustrated!!!

At the end only one couple looses and it’s Mel and Vincent. Fanny and Nani haven’t won but haven’t lost either.