Wafa and Oliver won the last challenge, which means they will be at the Power Table. The Power Table gives them the opportunity to choose a couple who will have to go through the nomination process. Knowing this, Fanny and Nani are in a joyfull mood and decide to have fun. They know everyone wants to be liked by Wafa and Oliver this week so they decide to be extra about it!

Nani– We need to be protected from nomination. So we do what we need for…

Fanny– For Wafa and Oliver to protect us. So Nani my idea is that we become the official bootlickers of Wafa and Oliver!

Nani– I agree!

Fanny and Nani enter Wafa and Oliver‘s room with flowers in their hands.

Nani– If you need anything, call us!

They’re all laughing of the situation.

Wafa asks Fanny to kiss her foot and Fanny goes for it cracking up.

Fanny– Take a shower and if you have a problem you call us. See ya!

“Fanny and Nani are so cute. They know we have the immunity but they shouldn’t be scared but we’re having fun with them and we like having them taking care of us!” says Wafa.

Oussama– I’m upset that we lost.

Ines– We told each other we never wanted to be last and it happened today.

Fanny– I don’t think the worst thing is being last, I think the worst thing is being first like Wafa and Oliver and having to choose who’s gonna be nominated.

Later on, a message appears on the TV screen, each couple has to vote for the couple who has the most complicity. They all go to their phones to vote. Of course, Fanny and Nani are still in a playful mode and go to Mel and her boyfriend.

Fanny– Hey! Vote for us if you want, we have so much complicity!

They keep going and say the same to Antho and his partner.

Fanny– You can vote for us !

And it kinda works, Mel and her boyfriend Vincent decide to vote for them.

At the end, Maxime and Alizee win. They’ve been together for ten years.

Fanny– I think they made a mistake, I think they think our names are Maxime and Alizee.

Nani– You think?

Fanny– Yep or I don’t get it I don’t know..!

Fanny– Let’s decorate, we want a very romantic room!

Nani– We don’t have enough flowers, I’m gonna get some more!

Fanny– We need to light up candles. Alright babe, be sneaky!

Nani– Yes!

Fanny– We’re gonna put our photo at the end of their bed so that when they’ll go to bed they’ll think about us!

Wafa and Oliver discover their room and are laughing!

Wafa– We’ll never vote against you girls

Nani– We won’t vote against you either

Oliver- We can assure you, sincerely, we won’t vote against you. Because you are two women and you rock and because we like you a lot!

Fanny and Nani hug and celebrate!

Fanny– Our mission is accomplished.