Early in the morning, Virgil walks in front of Fanny and Nani.
Nani – Hypocrites are here! You can take your breakfast and go to your room. I wanna be upfront so everything’s clear.
Fanny– They’re playing on both sides.

Nani– We’re adults, I’m gonna say it again but when we have something to say we say it…

Nani says to Mel: “The worst thing is that they don’t take responsability. They’re leaving, just like that.”
Cloe comes back angry saying “We take responsability! Don’t worry – and it front of everyone!”
Nani– Stop lying, you knew about the strategy.
Virgil- Sit down, we’re gonna talk.
Fanny– Don’t tell me to sit down, I’m not your dog.
Virgil- Why are you being a drama queen?

Nani- They say they didn’t know about Dylan and Fidji‘s strategy, that they would have never done that but it upsets me even more because it’s not honest, she’s lying. It’s crazy.

Later on, on the patio:
Virgil– I’m really disappointed in Fanny, because she’s been my friend for a long time and she feels like I betrayed her.
Fanny comes over and sits down.
Virgil– I did nothing to you girls.
Fanny– I’m not asking you about your strategies, I’m not asking you all that but just- Don’t lie to me, you’re my friend aren’t you? Can I really trust you?

VirgilFanny crying, it breaks my heart but I don’t understand her.

Fanny- Just one thing, if you decide to eliminate us at some point, tell us.
Virgil– I will, because you’re my friend.
Fanny– So I can trust you, you’re my friend?
Virgil– Yes I’m your friend.
Fanny– Don’t betray me.

They hug.

Fanny– At the end of the day I really want to trust him because he’s my friend and I believe in friendship.
Nani- I think Cloe is brainwashing him so for now I just don’t trust them.

Back to the patio:

Virgil– And calm your wife…
Fanny- I will but when it affects me, it affects her.

Later on, in the living room, Nani starts crying telling Mel that everyone’s saying they’re gonna save this person or this couple, but no one’s saying they’re gonna save Fanny and Nani.
Mel reassures her saying they’re not on the list and that she makes a promise – if she votes against them at some point she will tell them before and she expects the same from them.

Mel in the interview room:
“Seeing Nani cry is killing me because she’s someone I really like. Everything’s fine, don’t worry we stand with you.”

Lucie, the love coach comes in. She says that this week, they’re all gonna work on complicity.
She first asks Fanny what “complicity” means to her.
Fanny replies: it’s looking at each other and understanding each other without even talking, « Nani is my love, my best friend, she’s everything, that’s what it means to me. »

Fanny– We’re lucky, we’re two women and two women understand each other better than anyone. We get what the other thinks just by looking at each other’s eyes and we know what’s going on.

The next challenge is here, all the contestants go to the beach.
Fanny– If we win the immunity it would allow us to say « Hello we’re here, it’s not because we’re two girls that we’re here to pretend. We want to play and prove things.”

The show host says there will be three couples in danger this time.
The challenge is about marriage, they’re gonna have to wear a suit and a wedding dress. YES – Even Fanny and Nani… And that’s questionable…

I’m gonna wear the dress” says Nani. “I’ve been dreaming about seeing you in dress!” Fanny replies.
Nani- Well I’m not dreaming about seeing you in a man’s suit.

Competition starts! Fanny and Nani are doing great. They have to find out how to say “Yes” in 4 languages. Nani knows the portuguese answer. Fanny thinks the british flag is the danish one. Come on Fanny!

They’re running out of time.
They’re finally on the last part of the challenge.

Nani has to drop a wedding bouquet on a target.
They succeed and are running in each other’s arms.
We don’t know who’s winning yet.

Results are coming. The two best couples are Wafa and Oliver and Fanny and Nani!
The winners are Wafa and Oliver, unfortunately.