Unfortunately nothing happened to our girls in Episode 4 and 5.

The focus was on Dylan and Fidji. After the ceremony of Episode 5, the last of this first week, they got eliminated by the other contestants.

Fanny and Nani voted against them, just like the majority of the other contestants.

“We don’t like people who have an unsporting behaviour, we don’t like direspectful people. It’s the Battle of Couples and to us… they’re not the best so we’d like to see them out.”

They end up voting against this couple and the other do the same.

In the preview of next week’s episode, we hear Nani say “Hypocrites are here!” when seeing Virgil walking next to her.

We also see Fanny crying and saying to Virgil “Can I really trust my friends? I’m not asking you to tell me your strategies but don’t lie to me, Am I not your friend?”