“THE BATTLE OF COUPLES” Episode 25,26&27

Fanny, Nani and some other contestants go spend the afternoon on a catamaran.

Everyone is having fun, dancing, taking pics, jumping into the ocean!

Later at night, everyone’s back at the villa. They’re getting ready and they all go to the ceremony.

Oussama won a challenge last week with Nani so he’s saying he’s happy about it.

Nani- He’s happy that he won, it’s great but Oussama don’t disrespect your wife!

It’s time to vote for our girls.

When they’re all back at the villa. Nani is finally ready to drop the bomb against Bastien and Julia.

NaniBastien is doing strategies with Oussama from Day1, Julia is an hyprocrite.

A huge argument starts between all contestants and Bastien and Julia.

Wafa and Oliver go see Fanny and Nani at night to tell them they have a deal.

Wafa, Oliver, Mel, Vincent and them are a team from now on.

A new challenge is about to start.

Nani– One couple from our team has to win, otherwise we’ll be in danger.


The new challenge of the week starts now and for once it’s not on the beach but in the jungle.

Fanny– Come on baby, you’re doing good!

They now have to put the pieces of a puzzle together. They do it quickly and jump into each other’s arms.

Nani– We were quick!

Fanny– Yes!

Fanny kisses Nani.

Fanny– I love to play games like this at home and she always says it sucks and it’s pointless!

Nani- I was wrong, it’s useful!


NaniFanny has been lifting the same amount of weights than the guys so I’m really proud of her.

The show host Christophe Beaugrand announces Fanny and Nani end up in third place.