It’s a new day at the villa of “The Battle of Couples“. Nani feels like it’s almost time to drop the bomb. Days ago, when she and Fanny were out of the game because of Fanny’s injury, she filmed some contestants when the cameras were off and she found out there was lots of hypocrites. She announced it to the couples and now they’re ready to hear what she has to say.

Nani– I find it very funny that Bastien wonders if the bomb is about them.

Fanny– I think they’re freaking out. They hope it’s not about them but I’m pretty sure they know.

Fanny- Babe come over here! Stop saying you have a bomb, shut your mouth or we’ll be nominated.

Nani– Calm down.

Fanny– It’s dumb.


A new message appears on the TV screen. Each contestant has to vote for the most hypocrite, the most brave contestant.

Nani- The most hypocrite? I’m gonna vote for Bastien, for sure.


Couples vote for Fanny and Nani as the most brave.