The next morning, Fanny makes breakfast for Dylan and brings it to his room. She wants to know more about him and is playful.

Nani– Where are you going Fanny?!

Fanny– I’m bringing breakfast to Dylan.

Nani– Are you serious?

Fanny– He’s my partner this week, I wanna win!

Nani– You never make breakfast for me. Are you serious?!

This is way too much for Nani who’s very jealous.

NaniFanny, stop it.

Nani– I’m not talking to her today. I’m not kidding I’m not talking to her I don’t care.

Nani starts crying.

Mel- Please Nani don’t cry… Where’s Fanny?


Later in the day, Fanny and Nani are in the patio talking.

Nani recieves a text message from Lucie the love coach.

She has to go meet her for a coaching session.


Lucie tells Nani her jealousy is not doing good to her relationship with Fanny. She asks Nani to stay here on the couch and to watch Fanny and Dylan in the swimming pool talking and pretending to flirt on purpose.

Lucie says it’s not to hurt her but to make her realize her jealousy is a problem.

Lucie– What happens if Fanny has her own life next to yours?

Nani– Well I’ll be jealous. It means I’m gonna send her tons of messages to know where she is, what she’s doing, when she’s coming back. I don’t trust her. I’m not proud of it, I don’t want to be like this.

Lucie– I want to know how you feel inside when you see Fanny with a guy. It’s gonna be difficult.

Lucie asks Fanny and Dylan to come over, in front of Nani and to have a drink and talk like no one’s there.

Lucie– Why are you crying?

Nani– I’m scared she’s gonna cheat on me.

Lucie– What are you scared about exactly?

Nani– I love her so much that I’m scared to lose her. It hurts me to see her having fun with someone else.

Lucie– What is this pain you’re feeling? You have to confront your fear to understand it.


Nani– It’s too hard for me. I know there’s nothing going on. I know Dylan has a girlfriend, I know my girl is mine but it’s bigger than me. I’m scared she leaves me for a man, I’m scared she goes back to men.

Lucie– Do you talk about your jealousy?

Nani– Yes, that’s why she has no friends. She never goes out.

Lucie– So she only has you? Do we agree you can’t go on like this and Fanny can’t go on like this?


Fanny overhear Nani talk and looks preoccupied. 

Lucie– You feel rejection, where does it come from?

Nani– I never felt support from my parents. They always prefered my brother. I was always left behind for someone else, my brother. My parents never told me they were proud of me.

Lucie– So now when you see Fanny laughing with a guy you feel like she’s gonna like him more than she likes you.

Nani– I got into lots of fights with my mom when I told her I was into girls but now I want her to be proud of me, I got a woman, I’m living a good life, I want my parents to tell me they’re proud of me.

Lucie– You mix love and esteem. Fanny has the right to esteem people, it doesn’t take away your place in her heart. When you laugh with your friends, are you still in love with Fanny?

Nani– Yes.

Lucie– Why would it be different for her? Her heart is always with you no matter what she’s living. And what you went through as a little girl is what you went through as a little girl, now you’re different.

Fanny comes back and kisses Nani

Fanny– I think this coaching session really made her realize that her jealousy makes me suffer and makes her suffer. Everything isn’t resolved but we know we can work on it from now on.

Lucie– I know you’re strong. Both of you. And you have it together.

Nani- Thank you Lucie.