Fanny and Nani come back after being out of the game for a few episodes. Everyone is super happy to see them back!

Nani– I’m so so happy!

Fanny– I feel relieved! I feel like we have a second chance. I’m happy that we’re back so that Nani can prove she’s strong because we left because of me, so we’re back!

Nani Fanny is doing much much better.

Fanny– I second that!

Dylan and Fidji are back into the game because Antho and Emma decided to quit the show. Fanny doesn’t like this idea that much.

Fanny- When people say Dylan changed and now he’s a good guy, I don’t really believe it you don’t change just like that.

At the last ceremony while Fanny and Nani were away because of Fanny‘s injury, Nani left a message for all contestants.

She recorded conversations of some contestants being hypocrites while cameras were off and she’s ready to drop the bomb!

Fanny and Virgil talk about tension between Nani and Chloe, their partners. Virgil wants Nani to calm down and Fanny says they’ve both chosen women with strong personalities.

Fanny– For now we’ll just change rooms and Nani and I will go to Wafa and Oliver‘s room so that things calm down a bit. But between us Virgil things won’t change, you know it.


This week couples are gonna be mixed up. Every contestant has a new parter for the challenges.

Nani end up with Oussama and Fanny with Dylan. Nani is already jealous.

Fanny– We’re gonna go for it! I go from a pretty brunette to a pretty blondie!

The new challenge starts now on the beach. 

The challenge starts and Dylan and Fanny team up. Same thing for Nani and Oussama.

Nani and Oussama are the first to reach to first step of the challenge and the first to win the whole thing.

Fanny and Dylan are behind but they’re still not last.

Nani is jealous of the intimacy of Dylan and Fanny that the game requires.

At night a party starts at the villa.

Fanny decides to dress up as Dylan for fun. Nani gets jealous.