Episode 2 starts and we hear Fanny say « If he’s coming right now, at this time of the night, it is to announce a big thing » talking about the show host.

He’s coming with a surprise. He announces that for one week, there are going to be divided in two teams and they won’t be deciding who’s with who.

Cloe says that even though she could choose, she would be with Fidji and Fanny and Nani appear to be furious.

“I’m surprised” says Fanny, in front of everyone.

Nani“I’m shocked”

Fanny“Are you sure of what you’re saying?!”

Cloe“Yes I’m sure of what I said Fanny

Nani says Cloe and them had an agreement before filming, that they would stick together and she just did the opposite.

Fanny and Nani end up in the silver team with Cloe and Virgil too. And they’re not happy about it. Nani tells Cloe she doesn’t want to talk to her.

Fanny says “A week ago we were in Miami partying and saying “you’re my friend!” and now what?!”

Cloe end up shouting at Fanny and Nani comes in front of her right away saying “Why are you shouting?!”. Other contestants will take them apart.

We watch Nani crying on the balcony, she’s tense and doesn’t like betrayal.

The day after, the TV alarm rings. On the screen appears a message : Who’s stronger? Team Gold or Team Silver? A math challenge will answer that question. Finally, Team Silver wins and Fanny and Nani do a happy dance !

Fanny and Nani earn more money and come in first position with 29.000 euros!