Medical staff arrives and find out Fanny has injured her thigh

Fanny– At some point I had to realize “I can’t go on it hurts too much so we had to quit”.

Nani– When it’s about health, there’s nothing we can do, I’m disappointed but I just have to accept it.


Nani– If I hadn’t told her to stop, she wouldn’t have. But I prefer her having an injury that lasts one or two days than having a big injury and having to leave the competion and the show.

Mel and Vincent are talking to Virgil and his girlfriend Chloe when Nani comes up. 

Chloe asks Nani to leave. Nani refuses. They argue.


Nani- Virgil and Chloe are no my friends and if I can eliminate them next time, I will.

At night, Fanny is still hurting and Nani decides to give her a massage.

Fanny– I’m sorry babe, I wanted to give myself a hundred per cent.

Nani- I’m still proud of you, I never thought you were into sports.

Fanny– No I’m not into sports, it’s just my mind.

Fanny– I love when Nani is romantic, when she tells me I’m strong

Fanny says I love you to Nani and she goes to sleep.

They kiss and Fanny says kissing it’s the best medecine.

The next morning, Fanny is still hurting from her injury.

Nani- Can you try to stand up?

Fanny- I won’t give up. I don’t wanna go back home knowing I made us loose because of my injury.