Fanny– We would like to be part of this team of six but it has to be a secret. If others don’t know they won’t try to divide us.

Maxime and Alizee are talking strategy on the couch outside and Nani and Virgil decide to hide and sneak around to hear what they have to say. Of course they get caught.

Oussama goes to Fanny and Nani to talk about his relationship with Ines.

Fanny– I don’t see any affection between you two.

Nani– You should send a text t Lucie, the love coach and you should see her soon. The more you wait, the more your relationship is going on the wrong road.

The new challenge starts now on the beach. All contestants join Christophe Beaugrand, the show host.

Fanny goes into the water with all the guys, and all the girls wait for them on the beach. She catches a bucket under water and brings it back to Nani.

At some point Fanny falls and hurts herself.

Fanny– I’m sorry babe!

Nani– Are you ok?

Fanny– It hurts…

Nani– Are you ok baby?

Fanny– Let’s go on, let’s go on…

Nani– Should we stop?

Fanny– No!

Nani– Should we stop babe?

Fanny– Stop saying we should stop!

Nani– You’re hurting we should stop.

Fanny- Fine! Let’s stop!

Fanny falls down on the sand, hurting and suffering.