The show just started and Fanny and Nani already appear on our screens. We see them running on the beach with two other couples.

The show host Christophe Beaugrand introduces Fanny and Nani and asks them how long they’ve been together, they tell him it’s been almost two years when it was love at first sight back in their first TV experience together in “The Villa of the broken hearts” where they met.

They are the first to have their cameo revealed. It clearly shows their complicity. They say they share everything.  “We want to show we don’t need a man to do this, we’re women and we’re no here to be transparent.We can climb mountains!”

The first challenge starts! Speed, complicity and dexterity! When they start running, they are in first place, when they reach the first level, they have the power to eliminate a couple and they decide to eliminate Dylan and Fidji.

They are still in first place. Fidji and Dylan take it badly and they are ready for revenge. 

They are now in second place, Melanie and her boyfriend are now in first place.

Fanny shouts to Nani “I placed it in the right way!!!” Tension is here! “Stop sending me the stuff over there!” Nani says to Fanny.

Finally Wafa and Oliver, two others contestants win the first place and 30.000 euros. Alex and Olivia are in second place and win 29.000 euros. Fanny and Nani end up in third place and earn 27.000 euros directly into their joined account! They jump into each other’s arms.

After being eliminated from the game by Fanny and Nani, Fidji and Dylan are upset. Nani explains they are the ones they like the least and that Fanny and her are friends with Melanie (Melanie and Fidji are ex BFF and ex roomates). Fidji replied: Fanny and Nani, revenge is a dish best served cold.”

We now discover the villa where they are all gonna live. A gigantic and gorgeous mansion.

Fanny and Nani have the yellow bedroom, they share it with Cloe and Virgil and that Cloe girl is not happy about not having a dressing room. They have a tense conversation, she says to the girls “We should be two girls and two guys like everyone else and now we’re three girls in one room and one guy, great!”. Fanny and Nani end up saying “If she’s not happy with that, she should move out!” Problems are on the way.

At night, we discover Lucie, the love coach (from the Villa of The Broken Hearts). She will be here to test the quality of everyone’s love, and help them deal with with their strength and weaknesses. She’s giving them phones for them to be in touch with her.

“I’ve never had a relationship like this before, thank you Lucie, I’m so proud of it and I’m very much in love like the first day” says Fanny. “What do you think you girls could be scared about?” asks Lucie, Nani says “Trust. Jealousy. I’m jealous, I’m scared of Fanny‘s past.” “But she’s changed a lot, you brought a huge change into her life” replies Lucie.

Late at night, the TV alarm bring them around it and a message appears on the screen. “The Battle starts NOW…”


Sneak Peak of Episode 2: Fanny gets into a argument with Cloe. Nani shows up in front of Cloe to protect her girl. We’ll find out about it tomorrow!

[Photos Credit: TFX]