New promotional photos of lovers Carina and Maya [‘STATION 19’ SPOILERS]


Carina (Stefania Spampinato) and Maya (Danielle Savre) are moving in together! Here are the new promotional stills from upcoming episodes.

Stefania Spampinato


‘I have fantasies. I have full-on fantasies!’

(Talking about Danielle Savre) 

OMG! Here's Stefania saying she's turned on when having scenes with Danielle!
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Danielle and Stefania are sharing a lot with fans about their on-screen love story. They did numerous lives on IG, below are some you can watch!

Can we mention they seem as excited as we are about their on-screen romance? They seem very close in real life, Danielle is even learning italian so she can talk to Stefania in her own language!

After both admitting to being “turned on” when having scenes together, and Danielle saying she loves when Stefania says “Kiss me” in italian, they seem closer than ever.

As we speak, both actresses are single, so who knows?

Either way we love the off-screen content! (Watch this IG video they made 6 weeks ago).