Alba RECHE meets up with Natalia LACUNZA after Instagram’s unfollow!

A few months ago, Alba Reche unfollowed her “soulmate” and singer Natalia Lacunza (read our previous article about it).

Alba did not follow Natalia back but last night they met up at a spanish event along with other singers/contestants of Operacion Triunfo 2018.

They both performed at the Premios Odeon in Madrid.

So clearly the two were at the same event BUT they also TALKED which means they are on speaking terms again. Watch the two videos below:

Natalia was also interviewed about Alba on the red carpet.

Natalia says its more likely that Alba wins over her, and that she would love for Alba to win.
The interviewer says that the award is given by fans and hers are wonderful. Nat says they are but that Alba fans are also wonderful and a very strong fanbase so who knows?

We hope things get better between them since they had such a bond together, were really close in the Spanish Program and even closer when they lived together in their Madrid’s appartment.

No matter what happened, both can’t deny there’s still a spark.

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