Who is Angele’s rumored girlfriend?

French singer Angele has been recently linked to Instagram comedian Marie Papillon.

The two have been on the cover of ‘Public‘ a popular french gossip magazine.

The two appeared arms in arms walking in the streets and the second pic they are kissing. To see the pics, just type ‘angele marie public cover‘ on Google and you’ll be able to find them.

After releasing ‘Ta Reine‘ (‘Your Queen‘) – Angele made us question her sexuality and our gaydar was going in every directions. But we knew she had a boyfriend at that time, Leo Walk, so we didn’t really know if Angele was one of us or an ally.

But she has now released a brand new song ‘Tu me regardes‘ (‘You’re looking at me‘). 

In this new track, she sings about a girl ans says ‘I want you to look at me like you did before without them looking a us’ and ‘I was playing with the King but the Queen took my heart’ – making a reference to “Ta Reine’.

'I thought aBOUT it often, I didn't want to see it I had already sang about it but I didn't really know it'
'Tu me regardes" Lyrics

Since then, TPMP (a daytime french talk show) has been talking about it without revealing much information except that her rumored girlfriend Marie might have offered Angele a little dog named “Bibi“.

This cute dog seems to be Marie‘s dog since she appears everyday with her in her IG stories. She also mentionned to Grazia Magazine having this adorable nugget since she’s 20. So that’s definitely her dog, but Angele seems very close to her.

It remains publicly unknown if they live together but Marie Papillon has given many hints that the two share the same appartement in Paris.

Marie‘s IG stories are published everyday, and if you look closely, you can see Angele many times but not clearly in front of the camera. But that’s NOT all Marie does, being funny is a plus but Angele‘s rumored girlfriend is also an out businesswoman as she launched Le Food Market; Le Studio Maurice and an event production. 

Two beautiful, talented, working and busy women, but they do find time to get proper time alone, whether it’s in Paris or in NYC for Angele‘s last concert!

Angele has always been an ally of the LGBTQ+ community and we’re glad to see she’s happy whoever she’s with!

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