Cammie and Kara called it quits!

Youtuber Camden Scott and her partner Kara Godfrey broke up!

It seemed like the two were living a great life together, Cammie being one of the most followed lesbian YouTuber and Kara opening Golf bars in L.A. but all good things come to an end as it seems.

Rumors were floating and no one knew what really happened!

After much speculation we can tell you Cammie is NOT back with Shannon Beveridge, Kara hasn’t cheated, Cammie hasn’t cheated!

Apparently, the relationship took a different turn quite fast but no one cheated, at least that’s what Cammie said in her last YouTube video.

Rumor has it the two were married in secret and no one knew about it and Kara is the one who asked for divorce. It’s unclear why they married so fast and divorced so fast either.

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