Fanny Salvat broke up with Nani Trindade!

A few hours ago, Nani, while in the United States having fun for weeks with friends shared that things were complicated with Fanny, that they needed some time apart but that they will grow stronger than ever.

A few hours after, Fanny who recently launched her own beauty institute in France shared -in tears- that she just broke up with Nani.

Let’s read what they said below.








“I’m gonna talk to you guys because you always support us, but stop asking me if I’m still with Fanny. I just need some air, Fanny too, just respect that, we’ll grow stronger.”


“In a relationship there are always ups in down. I’m not gonna lie to you posting happy videos and photos. I’m not having fun, I’m not smiling and everything, I”m not having fun, I’m not. And I love you all”

Apparently, Fanny didn’t agree with the “We will grow stronger” part and shared her side of the story a few hours after Nani decided to go public!

This is what Fanny shared a few hours after…

“I haven’t been on social media for a while because I was tired and having issues about everything…”


“With Nani things are not well so I decided to break up, I need evolution, I need to discover myself. She’s been the person I loved the most in my life, I gave everything, all my heart.”


“Now I feel destroyed. I don’t have strength, I needed to take some time off, especially now that she’s proposing to me on TV in these episodes. I hoped it would get better but it’s not. I’m sorry for people supporting us. But we’re two different people and I will never be in her life again.”


“I feel like I lost everything. It’s really hard for me and I wanted to tell you guys because you’ve seen us getting together and living our life but best things come to an end.”


“Now I have to discover myself again, I got lost. Thank you to all the people who sent me support.”


“I’m home, building my company which has just launched and others are having fun in nightclubs 10.000km away.”


“I’m not going tear her down more, I don’t forget the love I’ve had but anger takes a lot of place right now. I’m disappointed, disgusted, then angry again then sad. I am lost.”

There will be for sure other statements from both sides. Nani already revealed she was gonna share her side in a few hours.

We are still wondering what happened to them. In “The Battle of Couples 2” Nani dealed with her jealousy and Fanny had trouble living with it, saying she was in a cage and not being free.

We don’t know how it’s gonna go, since they live together, so let’s wait until Nani gets back from the US and let’s pray they don’t tear each other down on social media.


This was a beautiful story, but everyone needs a chance to be truly happy.

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