ALBA RECHE’s second single “Caronte” is out now! [VIDEO]

After the release of her first single: “Medusa”, a UK garage style song, two weeks ago, Alba Reche now expose herself in an emotional and touching new single: “Caronte”.





Alba Reche is one of the ex-contestants of the spanish musical reality show, Operación Triunfo 2018. For 3 months she had to live with another 15 people under the attentive eyes of a big audience while fighting for her dream: to be a singer. With her unique tone, a husky but sweet voice, a strong personality and her activism, the 21 years old became one of the most loved singers-to-be and conquered a lot of fans not only in Spain, but especially in South America. 





Being a part of and defending the LGBTQ community, women’s right and freedom of speech, Alba Reche always use her voice in the entertainment area to give visibility to the causes she believes in. It is really important to have new faces like her as a reference for younger generations. 

As a former fine Arts student, is no secret that Alba would be involved in everything that has to do with her artistic projects. And- as a mythology lover, Alba Reche shows us that she could be a goddess herself. 

In her first single “Medusa”, Alba was inspired by the myth of the woman who has been condemned with turning people into rock just by looking at her. Following greek mythology, in her second single, Caronte, Alba was inspired by the ferryman of Hades who carries souls across the rivers that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead.

She started leaving hints here and there not so long ago until last Tuesday, when she announced the release of Caronte” with a mini-teaser. 

While in “Medusa we enjoyed a sexier side of her, blended with greek sculptures, a snake and a lot of pink and red colors, framed in beautiful aesthetics, in “Caronte we see a softer and sadder side of Alba. In a simpler scenario, she makes us focus exclusively on her voice and her interpretation. By making herself vulnerable in front of our eyes, she invite us to a journey into our own emotions. Somehow, we ended up bewitched by the soul of Alba Reche.

Make yourself comfortable, have some water and grab tissues, put your headphones on and just enjoy this amazing mix of sensations! 

CARONTE  is here! Watch the music video below:

After this crying session, SURPRISE GIRLS! – Alba RECHE announced that her new album will be out on October 25th, but this is a topic for another post! 

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