ALBA RECHE releases first hit song and videoclip “MEDUSA”! [VIDEO]

The wait is finally over! One of the most loved contestant of the spanish music show Operacion Triunfo, if not THE MOST loved period – FINALLY released her first song called “MEDUSA”.







Alba Reche, 21, is a spanish artist who got revealed to Spain thanks to a talent show in which contestants were to all live together under the eye of many cameras and the spanish audience everyday.

Because her voice is incredible and so is her lovely personality, south america was quick to become a fan too. 

Alba reached out to many of us when she publicly said she was bisexual. Defending the LGBTQ community, women’s rights and freedom of speech, the young artist clearly had an impact on many young girls following her every week when the show was on. But it didn’t stop there.

Meanwhile many contestants were quick to be almost forgotten after the show and even more after their tour around Spain was over, ALBA RECHE is one nobody can forget.




Natalia Lacunza released an EP and had quite a success, she’s the second most followed and loved – and that’s no mystery the two are close friendsAlba made her fans wait a little longer though – to discover what music she had to offer the world. But here we are. After being silent for a while, Alba has been working hard in the recording studios but also in writing camps, in order to give good quality lyrics and music.

La Reche, as many love to call her; started teasing not so long ago, leaving hints here and there then decided to drop the bomb and to announce when the song was going to be released. And you girls, it’s NOW! And we are ready!

Sit down, relax, grab something to drink and put your headphones on. 

MEDUSA is out ladies! Watch the music video below!

Tell us what you think about it in the comments section and talk about it in THE L BUZZ CHAT!

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