Exclusive Interview: Laura Rhodes!

Laura Rhodes accepted our exclusive interview. She shares with The L BUZZ her secrets, her opinions and her news exclusively for our website.

Hi Laura! We’re extremely happy that you chose TheLBuzz.com for this interview! Can you tell us what show you made you famous in France?

Hi! Of course! I first appeared in “The Princes and Princesses of Love” season 5 on W9 (french channel).

[Photo Credits: Instagram @itslaurarhodes]

What is your best memory from filming?

There are plenty! First of all, I met great people like Ines, Seb, Virgil, Dylan, the twins Marine and Oceane, and now that I think about it, a great moment I’ve had was when I was able to ride a horse in the water! I was a little scared to be honest but it was crazy!

What was your reaction to the 2 million views on our video of you and Laurie on YouTube?

Two millions? Wow! That’s insane! Too bad we’re not so much on TV anymore! (smiles) Thanks a lot THE L BUZZ, it’s good memories…

In a few words, how did your coming out go?
I’m lucky enough to have an amazing family. My parents were understanding and took it very well!

I just told them I fell in love with a girl. As long as I am happy, they will be. I gotta say I’m extremely lucky on that part.

What do you think about lesbian and bisexual visibility on TV these days?

Apart from NETFLIX, I think that the LGBT community isn’t visible enough, unfortunately.

People think about us as stereotypes. In reality TV for example, we’re a minority and that sucks.

What do you think about Fanny and Nani who are proudly out publicly?

They’re totally right! We don’t care about what people think!
Fanny and Nani look really good together and I wish them all the happiness in the world. I support them in « The Battle of Couples  2 », GIRL POWER!

[Photo Credits: Instagram @fannysalvaoff]

Would you be willing to be in a new reality TV show in France or elsewhere?
Why not. I’m single so if it can help me meeting the right person for me then why not! (smiles)

Is music one of your passions?
I’ve always loved music, I sing since I’m little. I’ve dreamed about a career in music but I took a different direction after all, I just keep singing for fun now by posting videos on YouTube.

[Listen to Laura’s latest upload on Youtube]

What are you up to today?
Today I’m accomplished professionally ! I’m financially independant thanks to the trainin in trading that I’ve followed.

As for my private life, I have to admit I miss having someone in my life.

Where can our L Buzz ladies follow you on social media?

Of course come and follow me here:
Instagram: @itslaurarhodes
Snapchat: laura_rhodesnew
Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/LauraRhodesOfficiel