YOUNG MA releases “BIG”!

Young M.A, (her real name is Katorah Kasanova Marrero) was born April 3, 1992 in Brooklyn, New York. She is an American rapper with Puerto Rico’s influence.

[Photo Credits: Instagram @youngma]

Young M.A‘s new song «BIG» takes us into her raw universe.
The music video already has almost 8 million views on Youtube since August 09, 2019 (date of release).

"In New York City, it’s popular. I used to think to myself, man, there’s a lot of gay people out here. And it makes me comfortable, it was like, I can be myself! I used to still try to hide it, until it was really overwhelming — there were just too [many] girls attracted to me!”
Young M.A

Before releasing her first album, Young M.A shared an EP in 2017 «HERSTORY», after two mixtapes in 2015 «SLEEP WALKIN‘” and «M.A THE MIXTAPE».
But it is when her single «OOOUUU» got out that she became popular worldwide in 2016, with more than 300 million views on Youtube.

Young M.A made herself known in the super competitive world of rap with her sharp words and her tomboy style.
She’s also open about her sexuality.

She came out to her family when she was 18, and to the whole world when she started doing music.

" I held in being sexually attracted to women for so long that once I got that out of me, the music became easy. "
Young M.A

She appeared with women in her music videos, such as «PETTYWAP» back in July 2018.

And talked about her relationship issues with her girlfriend in «STUBBORN ASS», released in February 2019.

Young M.A is a proud and talented young artist who also participated in L.A’s PRIDE in 2017 and MTV  followed her. Here’s the documentary.

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