DAVINA MICHELLE shares a new song and lesbian music video!

Michelle Davina Hoogendoorn (born 12 November 1995), known by her stage name Davina Michelle, is a Dutch singer and YouTuber. 

In 2016, Davina participated in the fifth season of Idols

In February 2017, she started her own YouTube channel where she started to upload covers every week. 

Before one cover changed it all and took the singer to the next level.


[Photo Credits : Instagram @davinamichelleofficial]

On August 21, 2017, she posted her cover of “What About Us” by Pink. In October, the magazine Glamour posted a video review by Pink herself where she called the cover amazing and said “That’s better than I will ever sound”. The video went viral. It now has more than 14 million views.

[Photo Credits : Instagram @davinamichelleofficial]

                                              [Photo Credits : Instagram @davinamichelleofficial]

" I'm so proud of my team and everyone who worked even the slightest bit to create this piece me! "
Davina Michelle

After doing many covers and getting popular, Davina Michelle wanted to write and sing her own songs, we’re glad to announce she released “Better Now“!

Davina chose to show a breakup between two women and we couldn’t be happier when we see more and more representation in music.

Watch the powerful break up music video “Better Now” below:

[Photo Credits : Instagram @davinamichelleofficial]

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