7 New additions to the Cast of The L WORD: Generation Q! (Tibette’s daughter?)

If you are a L Word fan, you must know Bette (Jennifer Beals) and Tina (Laurel Holloman) had a child in the original series on SHOWTIME.

The L Word: Generation Q will reveal their teenage daughter Angie played by Jordan Hull. Angie is described as a sixteen years old exploring her first relationships through high school life.

[Photo Credits: PAUL GREGORY]

Lex Scott Davis will be Quiara, a very sensual lead singer coming back to Los Angeles. Sophie Giannamore will be Jordi, a rebel teenager with absent parents.


[Photo Credits: Instagram @scottyeye / IMDB]

Also added to the cast : Sepideh Moafi as Gigi a real estate agent trying to co-parent with her ex-wife and Latarsha Rose will guest star as Felicity as a cultural affairs department executive. Olivia Thirlby will be Rebecca, always attracted to the wrong kind of women and stand-up/actress Fortune Feimster will play Heather, an aspiring comedian.

[Photo Credits: Instagram @sepidehmoafi / IMDB / IMDB / Instagram @fortunefeimster]

As the cast grows, we’re getting more and more excited by the reboot  and we can’t wait til this fall! Read our related article RIGHT HERE!



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