Fanny SALVAT & Melanie TRINDADE in a new Reality Show!

The two lovers will once again share the screen on a new french reality show!

Fanny Salvat and Melanie Trindade (also called “Nani“) met on set of “The Villa of The Broken Hearts” (a french reality show). Between men and women, Fanny had trouble knowing who she liked more. The show was an opportunity for her to explore her bisexuality. Everyone on this show comes with either an issue to solve or a big question.
Production introduced her to Nani and magic appeared.
The two fell in love for everyone to see.
It took a little bit of time for Fanny to come out and be open about it but she couldn’t resist ex soccer player Melanie.
" Happiness is being happy not pretending that we are "
Melanie Trindade

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After filming, and unlike most couples in french reality shows, the two lovers stayed together and even moved in together.

They’ve been dating for more than two years now. They know decided to participate in the “Battle of the Couples”, another reality show that should air on TFX (French TV) by the end of August, start of September.

[Photos Credits: Instagram@fannysalvaoff]

French Reality TV hasn’t recently been sharing lesbians or bisexuals candidates on their programs. Lesbians didn’t have any real representation on these shows.

Fanny and Nani will be the first lesbian couple to be cast in this one. Unlike Aurelie and Andreane in another show “Les Anges”, who faked a relationship for views, Mélanie and Fanny are the real deal.

Happier than ever, they will most certainly be strong contenders for the other candidates in this “Battle of the Couples”!
" I always dreamed about love, perfect love, a fairy tale one. But this one is even better... It's different, unexpected, special and wonderful. Our adventures, our inside jokes and our fight. I adore you, I love you and I admire you. "
Fanny Salvat

Just a little bit of time before we watch Fanny Salvat & Melanie Trindade. We’ll know more about it in a few weeks and we’ll let you know how it goes for our favorite french lovebirds.


See lovely pics below: [Photos Credits: Instagram@nanitrindade]