Out actress Ruby Rose plays Batwoman and the SuperHero is a lesbian!

Ruby Rose is a model, actress, DJ, and LGBTQ role model, she is the true example of a multi-talented artist. In 2018 she was announced as the lead in a new superhero TV drama based on DC Comics’ character: Batwoman. Rose, who came out as gay when she was a teenager, will also be a lesbian superhero!


[Photo Credits: Instagram @rubyrose]

Interesting facts: When Ruby was a kid, her mom got a batman tattoo because she was nursing bats – YES-  bats.

Later on, Ruby would make her own toys so she made batwings out of cardboard boxes and she would wear them all the time around the house.

Who would have thought that many years after, this little girl from Melbourne, Australia would be DC’s new superhero  “BATWOMAN“with different and more real looking batwings!

" Kate Kane's story is so special and rich and layered. She is so very special to me. It was also important to me and for a younger generation to have an open[ly] gay female superhero to look up to. I know as a kid I would have loved to have a role model who I identified with."
Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose said “Be the person you needed when you were younger”, she now feels like playing Batwoman will help lots of young girls who lack representation. For fans, for lesbians and bisexuals, watching a SuperHero, a woman, who’s having a relationship with another women, on a hit show on the CW, well that’s something.

When she first found out she got cast for the show, she was really emotional and kept crying. This was such big news. 

Ruby Rose often visits children hospitals, to bring smiles to their faces, she will now be able to go there dressed as Batwoman, how cool is that?

BATWOMAN is coming Sundays this fall to The CW!


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