Who are the six openly lesbians or bisexuals WORLD CHAMPIONS this year?


They are the big winners of the 2019 Women’s Football World Cup (in France), and they do carry a strong and inclusive message. The American world champions have brought to the world not only their talent, but also their private lives.

The one who got the most attention during this football World Cup was Megan Rapinoe, through her words and her commitments in her daily life.  Megan Rapinoe is committed to the cause in many ways: feminist, she demands equal pay between men and women in sports, she fights against racism and homophobia through her various speeches.
She wants to gather and carry a message
while affirming her opinions.


[Photo Credits: INSTAGRAM @mrapinoe]

" We got white girls and black girls and everything in between, straight girls, gay girls. I couldn’t be more proud to lead this team out on the field.There’s no other place that I would rather be. "
Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe (34) also plays for the Seattle Reign FC.

As for her love life, she came out as a lesbian in 2012, during an interview with «Out» Magazine. In July 2017, she started dating professional basketball player Sue Bird.

Megan is a player who will continue to change mentalities and who helps, through the spotlight she got on her and her recent title as world champion, to give visibility to lesbians and the LGBTQ community.

[Photo Credits: Megan & Sue (@mrapinoe)]


Another world champion: Ali Krieger, openly bisexual,  recently engaged to her teammate Ashlyn Harris. (March 2019).

Left: Ali Krieger

Right: Ashlyn Harris

Ali Krieger (34)  is also playing for the Orlando Pride team in the National Women’s Soccer League. 

Ashlyn Harris,(33) left she left the Washington Spirit club in 2015 and joined Orlando Pride.

[Photo Credits: Instagram @ashlynharris24]


Even though she’s not this year’s World Champion, Abby Wamback (39) was World Champion with the US Team back in 2015, after that she ended up her profesional career as  a soccer player.

As for her love life, she is married to Oprah Winfrey‘s best friend Glennon Doyle Melton.

[Photo Credits: Instagram @glennondoyle]



Adrianna Franch (28) also plays club with Portland Thorns FC.

She’s dating Emily Boscacci, health consultant.


[Photo Credits: Instagram @afranch23 / @emboss23]


Tierna Davidson (20), another World Champion AND the youngest!
She’s openly dating longboarder and surfer Alison Jahansouz.

[Photo Credits: instagram @tierna_davidson / @alisonj1]

All of these players have contributed to the LGBTQ community through their pride, tolerance and acceptance.
They are a source of inspiration for the all the ladies out there as women, as soccer players and as lesbians and bisexuals.

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