Famous YouTuber Shannon Beveridge shared a special moment with TV Star Macarena Achaga!

Who doesn’t know about Shannon? Who doesn’t know about Maca and #juliantina? What about the two breathing the same air?! Our life is complete!

Shannon Beveridge (27) is a famous YouTuber, and LGBT advocate. She was born in Texas, she started her YouTube channel “nowthisisliving” in 2012 then moved to Los Angeles, CA and now has over 600,000 subscribers.

She dated Cammie Scott (also YouTuber, they even shared lots of videos together) from 2012 to 2016, and in mid-2016, she started dating American pop singer Fletcher.


Macarena Achaga (27) is an argentinian model and actress. After appearing in various TV shows and doing some modeling, in 2018 she joined the cast of “Amar a Muerte” as Valentina Carvajal.

In this TV series the plays a bisexual/lesbian young woman in love with Juliana (Barbara Lopez).

The show became extremely popular within the LGBT community and on social media, showing a love relationship for everyone to see on Mexican television.

So what brought these two icons together? How have they met?

We all know Shannon is an activist and YouTuber, we all know that, but do you know she’s also a photographer?

And she has a dedicated Instagram account for that: @nowthisisfilm ! Go check it out!

Here’s a sneak peak of her photos of Maca below (Photos Credits @nowthisisfilm) :

After meeting in New York for the Pride, the two decided to do a photoshoot together and we think it’s fantastic!

"Before World Pride, we talked about doing a photoshoot together [...] and so the very next day, I went with her and a group of friends to Brooklyn and I got to take a bunch of pictures of her"
Shannon Beveridge

Watch Shannon's video about meeting Macarena Achaga:

Watch a special #Juliatina moment:

Also spotted at the New York Pride, British YouTubers Rose & Rosie.

That is how we got lucky enough to have different major ships hanging out together and to see Shannon Beveridge, with girlfriend Fletcher, married couple Rose & Rosie hang out with the beautiful actress Macarena Achago in New York. We’ll keep an eye on them all!



[Photo credits: INSTAGRAM]

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