Alba Reche performed in a mini concert at Madrid’s Pride [VIDEO]

Photo credits: INSTAGRAM / @alelehop / @miguedv7


The spanish singer decided to share a video of her backstage and on stage experience at Madrid’s Pride last sunday!


On Sunday 7th of July, Alba Reche, who participated at OT2018, a famous spanish music tv show in which she won everyone’s heart with her beautiful voice and talent, attended Madrid’s Pride on her own and on stage for the first time.

The event took place in the city center, at the “Plaza de la Reinas” in Madrid, with hundreds and hundreds of fans. The artist performed 7 songs, started with “Vogue” (Madonna) with a nice and elaborate choreo, with the help of two dancers for OT2018, Tania and Alba.

She then continued with six more songs: “Only Girl” (Rihanna); “Gente de Mierda” (Putochinomaricon); “I follow Rivers” ( Lykke Li); “Este Amor No Se Toca”; “Aqui estoy” ( Cami) and her now famous and much loved cover of “She used to be mine” of Sara Bareilles.

"I want us to dance, for everyone who wants us out of here, out of the center of Madrid, they are the "gente de mierda" !"

The multi talented artist shared a video on her social medias, created by @maruhardcore (Instagram) of this very special moment she shared with her fans for Madrid’s Pride.

This video shows backstage moments and the on stage fever she offered to the live audience.

Also spotted at the event, openly bisexual singer Maria Escarmiento, winner of OT2018 Famous Oberogo, OT2018’s coach out and multi talented woman Magali Dalix.

[Photo credits: INSTAGRAM]

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