Natalia Lacunza latest video clip “Tarantula” is out!

Otras Alas

Natalia Lacunza, the spanish singer who participated in the famous spanish music show « Operacion Triunfo 2018 » has launched her first EP « Otras Alas » with seven new songs.

Before she got famous through the show, her song and video clip « Don’t ask » was first published on YouTube. (Summer 2018).

The start of a long career for the singer?


After “Nana Triste” was out in June 2019, featuring Guitarricadelafuente, which after only four weeks is near the 5 million views, Natalia Lacunza uploaded her brand new video clip “Tarantula“!

The singer is really proud of the seven songs of her EP, entirely written by herself. This album’s inspiration reflects on different aspects of the young woman’s life and experiences.

If you missed yesterday’s release, here’s the artist’s video clip with its nearly 700.000 views, watch it here on The L Buzz!


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